Derek Harwood-Nash International Fellowship

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Signup Deadline: 07-01-2024
Starts: 01-01-2025
Ends: 12-31-2025


Derek Harwood-Nash International Fellowship

The Derek Harwood-Nash International Fellowship provides faculty members from international institutions with the opportunity to study at North American institutions.

Application Deadline

The deadline to complete the 2025 Derek Harwood-Nash International Fellowship application is July 1, 2024.  

The fellowship will occur during 2025, at a time of the candidate's choosing.


To qualify for this international fellowship, you must be from outside of the United States and Canada and meet the following requirements:

·        Have completed all your radiology training.

·        Have a focus in academic radiology, holding a faculty position for three to 10 years before the fellowship begins.

·        Demonstrate how your specific educational goals can be met during a course of study in a North American institution.

·        Specify how the knowledge you gain from this fellowship will benefit and improve the practice at your home institution and the radiological community at large.

·        Be proficient in English.

·        Be an RSNA member.

Program information

We’ve developed a roster of host academic centers in the United States and Canada, where fellows may observe radiology procedures and participate in conferences related to their area of study.

All travel and living arrangements will be made by fellows and their chosen host academic center. RSNA will provide a stipend to cover travel, modest living expenses for a six to 12-week period and education materials.

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